by Nagual

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Released 31.10.2016 via Putrid Cult & Tour The Garde

1. Iskry Zamiast Łez (7:23)
2. Self-Conqueror (5:23)
3. Labyrinth's Fall (8:29)

Total time: 21 min 15 sec

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2. From Putrid Cult:,NAGUAL-Self-Conqueror

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released October 31, 2016

Nagual - songwriting, lyrics, vocals, guitars, synths & samples, bass
Radek Olszak - session drums

Mix - Mikołaj Żentara & Nagual
Mastering - Nagual

Recorded at No Solace studio

Cover Art picture by Macro Calandra
Graphic design by Robak & Nagual



all rights reserved


Nagual Kraków, Poland

"Nagual" is one person project from Kraków. So far it has released two MCDs:
1. Zgliszcza (2013)
2. Self-Conqueror (2016)

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Track Name: Iskry Zamiast Łez
By nie patrzeć w pustkę
Odgradzamy ból
Otoczeni górami
Których szczyty sięgają dna
W zamieci
Wiara uchodzi z ran

Dość ucieczki! otchłani spojrzeć w twarz
Cierpienia przekuć w prometejską moc
Prawdzie na oścież serce rozedrzeć
Nic zbędnego do stracenia nie mieć

I krzyczeć
Dusze roziskrzać
Jak nocą zimową
Ogrzać choć dłonie

Bo śnieg przykrył ślady
Jesiennych przeszłości
Zasypał też drogi
Samotnie błądzą

W bezmiarze zamieci
Bez pióra poeci
Gdzie iskrą wewnętrzną
Grzeją się ich sny

Wmawialiście nam
Jak mamy żyć
Jak siebie kryć
Jak wraz z wami gnić

Innymi ścieżkami
Żyjąc marzeniami
Żywiąc nadziejami

Niech smutek w ich spojrzeniach, iskrami zapłonie
Słabość mrożącą, pochłonie ogień
Płomienne łzy woli, płyną do serca
A tęskne oczy, wnikną do wnętrza

Rozdarci, co niosą w oczach zimę
A w piersiach serca wilcze
Nasze dusze
Strzępy dwa

Ja krzyczę
Wsłuchaj się
W ciszę

Pomiędzy nadzieją
A cichą niewiarą
Nie widać końca

Wołamy o siłę
Chcąc dzielić słabość
Żywe nasze krzyki
Lecz echem ich pustka

Ale mimo to
Z pięścią zaciśniętą
Wzrokiem pełnym blizn

Iskrami, miast łez
Spod powiek

Iskry zamiast łez!
Iskry zamiast łez!


English (translation attempt by Nagual):
Title: Sparks instead of tears

We are dreaming
To avoid looking into emptiness
With emptiness
We are isolating pain
Surrounded by mountains
Their peaks are reaching the lowest bottom
Inside the blizzard
Faith is leaking out of wounds

Enough of escaping! It is time to look oblivion in the face
Reforge our hurts into Promethean force
To tear apart our hearts to the truth, wide open
To don't have anything unnecessary to lose

And scream!
Enkindle the souls
As during winter nights
Warm up at least the hands

Because snow has covered our trails
Of autumn pasts
It scattered also the ways
They wander alone

In immensity of a blizzard
Poets without pens
There, through inner spark
Thier dreams are warming

We were persuaded
How we should live
How we should hide ourselves
How we should rot together with them

We have departed
Took different paths
Living with our dreams
Feeding ourselves with our hopes

Let the grief in their eyes enkindle with sparks
Let freezing weakness be overwhelmed by fire
Let blazing tears of will flow into the heart
And let yearning eyes penetrate into the inwardness

They are torn apart
Those who bear winter in their eyes
And wolf-hearts in their chests
Our souls
Of unity
Two shreds

O Hope!
I am shouting!
Listen closely
Into silence

Between hope and
Silent disbelief
Have no end

We are calling for strength
When we wish to share our wekaness
Our cries are alive
But they echo with emptiness

But nevertheless
With our fists clenched
With gaze full of scars

With sparks instead of tears
Our hurts
From under the eyelids
We rinse

Sparks instead of tears!
Sparks instead of tears!
Track Name: Self-Conqueror
Formed to decide, not to obey
To be our masters, not our prey
To shape our wisdom and the vim
To be unshackled by the sin
Enough of torment we have seen
Enough of poison spoiled our will
Even if echoes sounds so frail
Our inner struggle shall prevail

When flow is lost some move upstream
These are the howl among the dim
Life's not benignant for the weak
It's twisted road towards zenith
There is no time to drown in dust
When there's a reason in your grasp
Above the chasm on progress rope
Carried by sight of inner hope

Divide the spheres of wish and lust
Beetween the closeness and the grasp
Voracious greed rapes our Earth
This burden few carry themselves
Look deep into others eyes
To see their souls screaming inside
Injected thoughts they took as theirs
There's no fulfillment, just the thirst
Track Name: Labyrinth's Fall
We are the wolves
Denying to stare straight into sun
We are the wolves
Seeking our prey among inner night

As there's space beyond the skies
As in darkness there are stars
So our questions are reflection
Of our locus, of our friction

We are the wolves
Denying to gaze straight into sun
We are the wolves
Acting on flaws within inner void

To path of lycans it's time to bend
Candles of day has reached theirs end
From grip of past we shall release
To feel the freedom, no matter that we shall yearn

Our twilight eyes
See through the wall of lies
Labyrinth is falling apart
When we turn our eyes towards our heart

Our twilight eyes
See through the wall of lies
Labyrinth is falling apart
When we turn our eyes towards our heart

Niech niebo ciemnieje
Chcę widzieć gwiazd szal
Niech rośnie samotność
Chcę ujrzeć jej dal
W kajdanach marzenia
Chcąc wyrwać się, płaczą
Czuję jak nadzieja
Miesza się z rozpaczą

We are the wolves
Knowing nuances under light of moon
We are the wolves
Aware of limits, yet storming them too

To path of lycans it's time to bend
Candles of day has reached theirs end
From chains of past we shall release
Rising our arms to infinite night